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Ready For the Good Fight...

So this is the first post of my new web site. I don't mind telling you that I built this site myself using Wix after my last Tony G site was totally "Hacked" to bits by some internet spam monster. I found out something like this... A friend calls me up and says, "So, Tone... you're selling Viagra pills now?!?" I found out when I went to my "professional" self branding site... the one I send all my current and potential clients to... that every single link on my page was sending people to "Pop a Pill Pages".

- Uuugggg!!!!! -

So with no help from my hosting provider who said to me... "Yeah, that's kinda what happens with Word Press Sites. Nothing we can do about it." I decided to try out this Wix hosting. So now, armed with a new site and tools to make it even better, I'm ready to get my "Digital Branding Bout ON!" Keep your fingers crossed for me and Ill keep you posted.

Thanx for coming to my new site and reach out any time. - Tone

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